Dr. Helen

Columnist: [Smith has] "a new book that makes me want to stab my eyes out...."

Well, apparently my new book topic is striking a chord. I noticed that the New Zealand Herald has an article out today by a woman named Rebecca Kamm who is really insulted that men’s issues are finally getting some attention. I guess she and her cohorts better swat me down lest the truth get out. Here is some of what she had to say:

Now that all the naughty ladies have control of the earth, men are staging a revolt. They’re doing this by not going to university, not marrying, and working in low-paid jobs. Some of them are refusing to work at all, in protest against the government’s secret plan to give ALL the tax dollars to women. That’s the thesis of Male Strike: Society’s War On Men, a new book that makes me want to stab my eyes out so I can never be tempted to even peek inside its pages, ever. Its author is men’s rights activist and psychologist Dr Helen Smith, who calls this imaginary male revolt “Going Galt”. (Inspired by the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged, in which a character by the name of John Galt leads an industrial strike against exploitation.)

Smith, who writes for ultra conservative blog network PJ Media, believes “The government and the politicians work in cahoots with women to extract money from men.”

Wow, this lady sounds incredibly upset that men and their supporters are finally speaking out and has no curiosity about the male point of view. Even the first commenter to her spew knows more about what is going on:

I tell you what Rebecca, write to the Ministry of Men’s Affairs, your local Men’s Health Centre, and the university that teaches Men’s Issues and complain. Then, once you have found these places and organisations don’t exist (but they do for women), whip over to the Family Court and check out how many dollars are paid by fathers to mothers and compare that to how much money is paid by mothers to fathers.

Anyway, Rebecca, thanks for the publicity and possible book blurb–stabbing your eyes out–what a good bit of hyperbole for the back cover! And maybe the men of New Zealand will start to realize that they don’t have it so good either–all because of your article–thanks again.