How should Men "Go Galt" in a female-centered society?

I have spent part of the day doing research for my book including reading a fairly biased book by the name of Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men  by Michael Kimmel. In it, like so many other supposedly “pro-male” development books, he makes guys out to be a bunch of commitment phobic, extended adolescent types who are a pack of homophobic losers who prey on women. Good grief, it’s no wonder no men buy these types of books. I’m already feeling disgustingly denigrated by this Uncle Tim author and I’m not even male. I have spent the week talking with experts and others about how men can fight back against the backlash and misandry that is so rampant in our culture and many have given me good suggestions for my book. However, one way of fighting back is “going Galt,” that is–going on strike–against the system and individuals who are causing the problem.


Some men don’t marry, others don’t go to college, some work low-paying jobs and enjoy hobbies to keep from paying into a system that transfers men’s taxes to women through federal and state programs.

My question to male readers is, what are your suggestions on how to “Go Galt” as a man in a female-centered society? Do you think this route is a viable one to making a change in society or is it just good for a man on an individual level, or is it a poor way to fight back in your opinion?


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