Did You Skip College?

Hi All,

I have mentioned before that I am writing a book on men’s issues, mainly on the male strike that is going on across America in terms of marriage,  college  and other areas that men are fleeing.  I need male reader’s help with a chapter I am doing on the College Strike. Women now make up 58% of college students and it is expected to be up to 60% in the coming years. I would like to include some personal anecdotes from male readers who have skipped college. I would like to know why you decided not to go, what you did instead (military, technical school, self-employed, etc.), and if you are happy with your decision.


Also, if you did go to college and had a bad experience as a male, tell me what happened. You can either comment here or you can email me at askdrhelen at hotmail.com.  Thanks!

UPDATE: Many of you are emailing with great stories about the military or Tech school from many years ago. Thanks to all of you who have emailed but I actually need men who made the decision not to go to college in in the past 10 years.

UPDATE II: Thanks for all your help. I have all of the emails and comments on skipping college (and more!) that I need for my book. Thanks so much to all of you who participated. However, please check back at this blog as I will probably have other questions that I will need your input on.


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