It's Peter Thiel's Republican Party Now... Or Should Be

Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka may have brought down the house, but the most intriguing, original, and ultimately most optimistic speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday was given by Peter Thiel.

Like Trump, Thiel is no politician. He's a brilliant, controversial yet wildly successful high-tech entrepreneur from the Silicon Valley (co-founder of PayPal and early investor in Facebook), a libertarian, a best-selling author, a Cleveland native and, for some time, a fully out gay.

That last alone would seem to be a game changer in Republican politics, especially since Trump gave Thiel a coveted spot only two away from him and Ivanka on the final night of the convention, a clearly not accidental gesture on Donald's part.

The audience responded. Thiel got a standing ovation and the conventional liberal "narrative" about the GOP took a serious body blow in front of a good portion of the country. Dan Rather, who has been seen wandering around the convention, may have been bewildered.

But, in truth, it wasn't all that surprising. For some time now there has been a small but growing stream in the Republican Party that is considerably more modern than anything on the Democratic side, where the likes of Bernie Sanders dominate with a worldview out of 1932.