If the EU Ends, Merkel Has Herself to Blame

I'm in London at the moment, at the very Scene of the Brexit, but it doesn't take Sherlock or Watson to see what was just as obvious back in L.A. The cause of the UK leaving the EU was a woman named Angela and she's no angel. She's more of an Iron Lady, but of a radically different and far more dangerous sort than the original, Lady Thatcher.

roger_simon_parliament_6-28-16-1 Roger visits Parliament. (Click to enlarge.)

Today, the Financial Times, not to mention a host of other outlets, reports German Chancellor Merkel, the virtual (unelected) queen of Europe, taking a hardline in front of the Bundestag against the actual democratic decision of the British people. The Brits would be given no special exception, she said, regarding "freedom of movement" among the member states. They would have to accept the so-called Norway Rule. And no negotiations for now.

Unfortunately, she spoke on the very day we have seen once again—if indeed we could possibly need reminding—the violent potential outcome of her bizarre open-borderish immigration policies with another mass ISIS-style terror attack at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. With thirty-six now reportedly dead, the bloodbath is reaching Paris proportions.

It is this immigration policy of Merkel's that ultimately engendered the Brexit and will be responsible for the demise of the EU, if that occurs. Although you will hear other explanations, nothing else really comes close. And Merkel is the mother of it all.

As I sat in Parliament today listening to a tedious and poorly attended debate on the taxation of multinationals, my mind kept wandering to why a person in her position could pursue such a self-destructive policy.  It clearly wasn't popular with her citizens—and why would it be? A certain amount of immigration is necessary for Europe, most of whose countries have declining native populations, but not this. And there were clearly alternatives. The EU and America could have spent their money on refugee camps, most likely to better effect.