Trump, Israel, and Islam

Donald Trump's approach to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations was under attack again by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz during Thursday night's debate, which is being hailed for being more substantive and "presidential." Although Trump insisted he is a great friend of Israel (his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka are Jewish, she by conversion), both men cast aspersions on the businessman's assertion that he would try to be even-handed in looking for a solution to the seemingly intractable conflict. The senators saw no good on the Palestinian side.

Neither do I, but it's hard to see how there could be a negotiation of any sort without at least the pretense of equality.  Cruz and Rubio, who otherwise had good debates, were picking a non-existent fight for campaign advantage and they probably knew it.  Moreover, Trump had admitted, on many occasions, that even he, the negotiator of negotiators, is unlikely to conclude a deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Hopefully even Obama, Israelophobe that he is, may finally realize the same thing and relent from his rumored last-ditch attempt to foist some kind of settlement on the Israelis.  Just the other day, his man Biden, perhaps sent to Israel to start muscling Netanyahu in that direction, was inopportunely confronted by a heavy dose of Palestinian terror on his arrival, members of his own family dining on the Tel Aviv beach not far from a rampage by a particularly deranged exponent of the so-called "Knife Intifada."  Biden himself admitted they could have been killed.

The irony of this I'm more pro-Israel than you competition between the Republican candidates at the Miami debate (when all are vastly more pro-Israel, probably even Kasich, than the incumbent) was compounded by Trump having dropped a far more controversial bomb in the relative calm (what, no personal attacks?)  when he declared, not for the first time, that "Islam hates us."

Well, duh, as the saying goes. And bravo to Trump for stating the obvious that even a cursory reading of the texts of this religion/ideology would tell you.  Not that many of our current political elite have done that.  (Jefferson and Madison did read the Koran, motivated by the bloodthirsty Tripoli pirates, but the Founders were decidedly more intellectual.)