Would Hillary's Election Cause an American Civil War?


It would seem a tad overheated to speculate that Hillary Clinton being elected president could trigger an American civil war.  Unfortunately, it's not.  If not an outright war, massive civil disobedience would likely be in the offing.

If our chief executive is assumed to be dishonest by the majority of the population -- a solid plurality and possibly even a majority believing her actually to be criminal -- before she takes office, what would be the natural outgrowth to society, if not a breakdown of one sort or another?  Exactly how would she bring the country together on Inauguration Day with the good wishes that are normally extended an incoming president?  Because she broke the "glass ceiling"?   What a tawdry insult to women.

And yet this depressing scenario remains a possibility despite the almost daily revelations about the contents of her hidden/erased emails.  Just today, via the invaluable Catherine Herridge, we find that email markings were changed to hide classified information and, via the Washington Post, that Hillary actually wrote classified emails on her sieve-like personal server.

Hillary Clinton is a liar not just about the absurd (that her husband's serial infidelities were caused by the rightwing conspiracy) but about our national security.  Richard Nixon never came close to that.

I can explain in two words what allows Clinton to lie about our security to the extent she has.  It's not stupidity.  She is not a stupid woman, although she may be far less bright than she is given credit for.  It is moral narcissism.  She and her supporters think they are so correct in their views that anything they do in behalf of those views is fine, legal or not.  (The Blumenthal-Clinton relationship displayed in their emails is a moral narcissist love story.)