Doxxed Trump Donor: Rep. Castro's a 'Demagogue' Who Wanted to 'Hassle People for Supporting a Different Candidate'

Mark Hanrahan, CEO of MidAmerican Aerospace. Image via YouTube.

A Trump donor who was doxxed on Twitter this week by Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) spoke out about what it felt like to be targeted by left-wing smear merchants, warning that people of his generation are getting tired of being “bullied with slurs of racism.”


Mark Hanrahan, the CEO of MidAmerican Aerospace, called Castro a “total demagogue” who only did it to “hassle people” who support Trump.

Hanrahan spoke exclusively to Fox News Digital Wednesday about Castro’s tweet identifying him and dozens of Trump donors in the San Antonio area.

He said that he found out he was on the list after multiple people who had been on Twitter contacted him and people started unfriending him on Facebook.

Hanrahan said the folks on the list were not “white nationalists,” but rather people with “wonderful reputations” who had helped build San Antonio.

“That crowd is full of American citizens that have done well and their communities prospered based upon their participation,” he said.

“The only reason he did it was to hassle people for supporting a different candidate,” Hanrahan added. “I think he’s a total demagogue. He did it for the purposes of discombobulating or hurting the lives of the people that he highlighted.”

Castro admitted on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday that he wanted potential Trump donors to “think twice about contributing to his campaign.”

Hanrahan told Fox that he thinks Castro “represents a wing of the Democratic Party that is anti-free speech and dangerous.”

He said he didn’t mind being named on the list because he’s proud to be a Trump supporter, but he was bothered to be smeared as a white supremacist for supporting the president.


“To tie me with his little racist screed down in El Paso is sickening. It’s galling and I just think when you do stuff like that you’re a total demagogue,” he said.

Hanrahan said that for eight years you couldn’t criticize former President Obama without being accused of racism. “It’s pure demagoguery,” he said. “They know what they’re doing.”

On Fox and Friends Thursday morning, Hanrahan said that people are getting fed up with racial demagoguery that is going on in America today.

I just was angered by the fact that anybody would… I mean, being outed as a contributor wasn’t the problem, but tying me to that horrific tragedy in El Paso was galling. It just made me sick to my stomach. I’m not free to support or think what I think is, and to be bullied with slurs of racism is just… I think a lot of people of my generation that support the president are tired of it.

“They harass people at restaurants and think it’s a tactic that will work,” he added.

When asked if he had experienced any “fallout” since the list went public, Hanrahan said that he’s noticed “a certain amount of skittishness” at work —  among “mostly the millennial crowd.”

“I work with a lot of 20-30-year-olds. Hell, they wanted to lock the doors and I thought that was kind of ridiculous,” he explained.


“We received some emails, I guess, that were unkind,” he added. “But frankly all I’ve received are a lot of kind comments from people that have known me throughout my life.”

Hanrahan said the three issues that prompted him to support Trump in 2016 were Trump’s opposition to foreign wars, his trade policies, and his strong stance against illegal immigration.

“My grandmother was a mail-order bride from Ireland. I treasure people from around the world. I’ve been in international business and I visit all parts of the world and I have nothing against immigration,” he explained. “I just think you should come to America legally.”

Hanrahan told the Fox and Friends hosts that the reason he was speaking out was because he refuses to be called a racist and other slurs without fighting back.

“We have in America a right to free speech,” he pointed out.




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