Puppy in Texas Rescued After Getting Head Stuck in Center of Car Tire

Puppy rescued from car tire in Texas. Image via YouTube.

An adorable puppy’s curiosity could have turned lethal after he got his wee head stuck in the wheel of a car in Texas last Friday:


A fire crew initially tried to free the pup using oil and the Jaws of Life, but eventually was able to twist the puppy’s head out safely, KXAN reported.

The Bastrop County Animal Control and Shelter said the pup’s owner reached out to rescue group Wags, Hope and Healing for help, which then contacted the city’s animal services.

“I suspect it was playing somewhere it didn’t belong,” said Evan Jacobs, Animal Services Manager for the Bastrop County Animal Shelter. “The owner and I picked up the wheel, brought it outside the shed, we tried and tried, couldn’t get the puppy out, so I eventually called the fire department,” Evans explained.

A fire crew from Bastrop County Emergency Services District No. 2 arrived and set about trying to free the pup, but at first nothing seemed to work.

“We were both curious how a puppy got its head stuck in a tire rim,” said Erick Johns, one of the firefighters who responded.

“My coworker, Violet, thought when a puppy sits down it kind of gets scrunched up, so we had the animal control guy tilt [the puppy] higher forward. [Violet] grabbed the body of the puppy, and I grabbed the head. And she started to twist the puppy as I twisted the head and started to twist it out,” Johns said. “And we got that dog out.”


The pup was soon reunited with his mama, who immediately slathered him with long, slurpy dog kisses.

“Had it stayed there overnight — they are about eight weeks or a little over eight weeks old — you can run into dehydration and [the puppy] was in a shed outside the house, so it could have been a pretty bad situation,” Jacobs said.

Believe it or not, the same exact thing to another little black puppy — again in Texas — just a few years ago.

“It took Houston firefighters more than an hour to free a puppy who got its head stuck in a tire,” the AP reported on Aug. 26, 2014:

And in 2015, Tomo News captured the dramatic rescue of a puppy that got stuck in an exhaust pipe in Thailand:



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