'Communism WON'T Win': Navy Roasts Army Over 'Commie Cadet' During Army/Navy Football Game

Navy midshipmen stand behind "Not Communist" banner. Image via Twitter.

The Army-Navy football game has historically been one of the best rivalries in all of sports with fans from both sides displaying creative and insulting signs.

Saturday’s game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was no different.


On the Navy side, midshipmen held signs poking fun at their West Point counterparts for allowing admitted communist and Antifa supporter 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone to graduate.

As PJ Media reported back in September, photos posted on social media by Rapone showed the then-cadet posing with a Che Guevara t-shirt under his uniform and “Communism Will Win” written under his cap at his graduation from the academy in May of 2016.

One large banner that hung over the barrier between the field and the seats on Saturday read “Not Communist.”


Someone else on the Navy side held up a sign that read  “Communism WON’T Win.”


According to Independent Journal Review’s Caleb Hull, midshipmen also chanted “Communists!” whenever the West Point cadets tried  to get a chant going.



Rapone, who goes by @punkproletarian on Twitter, currently serves in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division and is the focus of an Army investigation, as is a West Point professor of Middle East history who reportedly mentored Rapone.

Back in August, he tweeted a photo indicating that he is a “socialist organizer” for the Democratic Socialists of America.


In other posts, Rapone shared a photo of himself holding Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” and a photo of One World Trade Center with him holding a communist red star on the top.


He also tweeted out that he’ll “happily” dance on GOP Sen. John McCain’s grave,  called Defense James Mattis an “evil, vile f*ck,” and stated that Vice President Mike Pence “is a f*cking medieval, cold-blooded killer.”

Rapone claimed in a Reddit post that his inspiration for infiltrating the military was traitor Chelsea Manning, who also served in the 10th Mountain Division.

He retweeted a photoshop of one of the signs from the Army/Navy game Saturday:


He also (facetiously?) gave a shoutout to his “Antifa supersoldiers” with the hashtag #CommunismWillWin.”


And he retweeted this message from a fellow traveler:

They Army must be extremely proud of this guy.

Of the many great jibes in the stands today, the Navy fans’  jeers mocking Rapone were the most brutal.

Navy may have lost the game by one point today, but their fans definitely had the best insult game in the stands.




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