Someone Stole a Disabled Girl's Walker from a Target Parking Lot

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What kind of low-life scumbag steals a walker from a disabled child, depriving her of a means of going from point A to point B safely? Who does that?

Because that’s what happened in a San Francisco-area Target parking lot Friday, and the little girl’s mother is not pleased.


Christine Waggoner, mother of “sweet Iris,” wrote about the heinous heist on Facebook:

This is our Sweet Iris. She is dying of a rare disease called GM1 Gangliosidosis which attacks the brain and spinal cord. Today, someone stole her walker from a parking lot. In a very brief lapse, the walker was accidentally left behind in the parking lot by the handicap spot. Realizing the mistake, Iris’ father returned immediately to the store. It was only a matter of minutes. Upon returning to the store, the walker was not in the parking lot and not in the lost and found. After speaking to security at the store, we were told the security video footage captured the theft. Please, please don’t steal, but really, please don’t steal a child’s medical equipment. Please bring it to lost and found. Here’s hoping the police find it and that our sweet girl will have her walker back as soon as possible.


Parents of children with life-threatening diseases have enough stress and heartache in their lives without having to deal with the theft of their child’s life-enhancing medical equipment. A top-end walker like the one Iris has does not come cheap.

On the bright side, Waggoner told PJ Media that the security footage captured the license plate of the getaway car, so it may be only a matter of time before the police nab the jerks(s) who did this. Let’s hope and pray that they do and that Iris gets her walker back—soon.



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