How a Queer Dance Party in Front of Ivanka Trump's House Made a Wine-Sipping Woman an Internet Star

The home of Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump, and her husband White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Hundreds of LGBTQ protesters gathered outside the home of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Saturday night for a “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice at Ivanka Trump’s House!” The purpose of the event was to “send the clear message that our climate and our communities matter” — because the best way to persuade someone to take your side on an issue is to hold a queer dance party in front of their private residence. It’s a sassy, whimsical, and fun way to make friends and influence people —  it’s not inappropriate or weird at all.


It’s unclear whether Trump, her husband, and their three children were home at the time — reports indicated that they weren’t — but one neighbor appeared to enjoy the commotion. The woman came outside of her house to watch the queer dance party and was photographed wearing a fur coat while sipping a glass of white wine.

And while you and I weren’t looking, she apparently took the internet by storm.

“The Internet Is Loving Ivanka Trump’s Neighbor Who Came Out to Watch Protests with a Glass of Wine and a Fur Coat,” People magazine gleefully reported.

Ivanka Trump‘s new neighbors in Washington, D.C., aren’t fans of the constant Secret Service presence or the gawkers hoping to catch a glimpse of the First Family. But one woman who lives near Trump sure knows how to make the best of the situation—with panache.

The Daily Mail Online captured the picture of the neighbor, identified by New York Magazine as Dianne Bruce, smiling as she witnessed the festivities from her front steps. She has since won the hearts of the internet – and become a viral hit.

“Aesthetic goals: Ivanka Trump’s neighbor sipping wine in a fur coat as a protest goes down,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another quipped, “The neighbor watching the LGBT protest in front of Ivanka Trump’s house while drinking white wine is definitely invited to gay brunch.”

Etc, etc.. You can go to People to see more of “the internet” gushing about the neighbor in the fur coat enjoying the queer dance party. And not one peep from the animal rights nuts either! For one beautiful moment, “the internet” united in its sublime hatred of Ivanka Trump.


Ivanka and her family moved into the six-bedroom, $5.5 million D.C. house in the ritzy Kalorama neighborhood in January. It is the same neighborhood that the Obamas moved to after leaving the White House and also where Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace live.

The First Family’s neighbors have been publicly complaining about the disruptions they’ve caused since moving in.

Via The Blaze:

“It has been a three-ring circus from the day that they’ve moved in,” Marietta Robinson, who lives near the Trump-Kushner house, told The Associated Press.

“Are you kidding me?” Robinson added in comments to the Post. “This is the adult child of the president. Sometimes there are 10 cars out here.”

At a recent neighborhood commission meeting, even Wallace showed up to complain about the parking situation, according to the AP.

“Maybe some of the upset has to do with politics a little. I couldn’t say for sure, but I know that people don’t seem to be upset about Tillerson’s situation. It’s much less intrusive,” Ellen Goldstein, an elected neighborhood commissioner, told the AP.

The problems prompted Robinson to write a letter to Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser, who responded by removing two of the four “No Parking” signs erected on the neighborhood street since Ivanka moved in. In that letter, Robinson said the problems have “truly ruined my peaceful enjoyment of my house.”

If the former First Family living in the same neighborhood has caused any disruptions, no one seems to have said boo about it. The Obamas in fact were warmly greeted with “welcome home” signs when they returned to their new home in early February after a two-week vacation in California and the Virgin Islands.


I wonder how people would react if a Trump-supporting “patriotic dance party” were to erupt in front of the Obamas’ house some night to raise awareness about — say — the unmasking and leaking of American citizens’ names from intelligence reports. I’m sure “the internet” would explode in ecstasy to see the neighbors smiling and clapping along with the Trumpies —  especially if they were  doing it with panache!


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