Six More Examples of Anti-Trump Violence

Largely unsubstantiated reports of pro-Donald Trump attacks against minorities — some already revealed to be hoaxes — are receiving national coverage in mainstream media.


Meanwhile, CONFIRMED incidents of anti-Trump violence are being ignored, as the media, left-wing organizations, and even Democratic members of Congress push a false narrative.

On Monday, I compiled a list of five well-documented incidents of assault against Trump supporters.

Here are six more:

  1. In Austin, Texas, six communists were arrested for assaulting Trump supporters who came to a “peaceful protest” against the results of the election.

Via CBS Austin:

The Texas Department of Public Safety says it arrested 6 members of a local communist group, Red Guards Austin, for assaulting pro-Trump members in Sunday’s protest.

DPS troopers arrested Jarred Roark, 34, after he allegedly assaulted an individual on South Congress and 11th Street adjacent to the State Capitol.

Roark was arrested on felony aggravated assault, resisting arrest and evading arrest.

Troopers also arrested five other suspects related to the initial incident:

Taylor Tomas Chase, 21, interference with public duty and resisting arrest
Joseph Wayne George, 36, interference with public duty
Samuel Benjamin Lauber, 21, interference with public duty and resisting arrest
Jason Peterson, 24, interference with public duty and resisting arrest
Jade Tabitha Shackelford, 19, felony assault on public servant

2. Last Thursday, a California high school teacher was punched in the face by an anti-Trump student trying to recruit anti-Trump protesters.


Via The College Fix:

Staff at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill were alerted to news that students from nearby schools were going around “recruiting” their peers from other schools to join in an anti-Donald Trump protest.

According to KTVU-2, two College Park teachers were attempting to block passage to students shortly after the principal had called for a school-wide lockdown. That’s when the scuffle broke out.

“That teacher and the other teacher that got punched were trying to block the hall but it didn’t work out,” said student Armon Aziz.



“We provide students the opportunity to express themselves but I do not condone at any time when you impede educational progress at any campus,” said Principal Alvarez.

The principal says he left the gates to the school open because he heard students were jumping the gates at other schools and he didn’t want anyone getting hurt.

“Everybody was kind of trampling each other so everybody went at each other,” said one student.

School officials say they went into lockdown mode, shutting the doors to the classrooms and that’s when the fight broke out.

“Hopefully we’re able to identify the student in that video,” said Principal Alvarez.

We saw the teacher leaving after school let out, he didn’t want to talk but said he was ok.

3. A man was attacked and choked by two men on a New York City subway for wearing a Trump hat:

Via ABC7:

Corey Cataldo, 24, of the Bronx, said he was riding the uptown 5 train from Union Square to Morris Park Friday, when another rider on the subway spotted his “Make America Great Again” hat and apparently didn’t like it.

He spoke exclusively on television for Eyewitness News reporter Lucy Yang.

Cataldo explained that the situation heated up as the train got close to the 138th Street/Grand Concourse station.

“He asked me if I’m a Trump supporter. I said ‘yeah’ and thought he’d say ‘me too.’ People have been doing that,” Cataldo said. “But no. This man was not a Trump supporter.”

Cataldo said the man stood up and became flustered.

“The next thing I know, I have hands around my neck and I’m being choked,” Cataldo said. “I try to fight him off, and another gentleman comes over, pretends like he’s going to help me and says ‘get off of him.’ He shoves me up against the wall, up against the window.”

He said no one on the train did anything to help. He was finally able to escape.

The NYPD has been notified of the incident, and they’re looking for the two men involved.


4. Protesters assaulted U.S. Marines in a New Orleans bar as they celebrated the Marine Corps’ birthday.


Protesters encountered a group of Marines, who were celebrating the Corps’ birthday. The two groups hurled insults at each other. At one point, a beer that looked to be chucked from someone in the protest landed near the Marines.

Marine Corps veteran and New Orleans resident Morey Butler, 48, said a protester flipped his glasses off his face. Another Marine and New Orleans resident, Roan Palmer, 36, said a protester spit in his face.

“As a Marine, I respect their rights,” Butler said. “But I don’t respect that they put their hands on another human being.”

Butler and Palmer reported the incidents to a police officer nearby, though it was not immediately clear if the officer had seen what the men reported or if any arrest were made.

5. An eleven-year-old student in Stafford, Texas was attacked by classmates for voting for Trump in a mock election.

Via Fox26 Houston:

“These boys decided to ask the classroom, ‘Who voted for Donald Trump?’ And then I said, ‘I did.’ And then they come over here and jerked me out of my seat,” said the student. “Before I could get up they started kicking me and punching me.”

The student’s name was protected by request of his parents. But he told us the classroom did have a teacher present. He said when he was on the ground, it “felt like it was forever”.

“We have not really gotten a clear explanation of how long this went on and why did it take so long for it to be stopped?” said his father Buddy Lemmon.

The Lemmons said they received a call from the principal of the school immediately after the incident.

“I took him to the hospital, we went and made a statement to the police officers, and then I took him to the emergency room so he could get some x-rays done.”

Lemmon said her son has deep bruises throughout his body. After speaking with Stafford MSD,  they gave us a statement that says:

The Stafford Municipal School District is investigating an altercation that took place on its Intermediate School campus on Wednesday morning. The students allegedly involved in the altercation have been suspended, pending an investigation.

Upon completion of the investigation, consequences will be applied in line with the District’s Code of Conduct.

The Stafford Municipal School District works diligently to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff and will not tolerate aggression of any kind.


6. A 15-year-old Trump supporter was beaten by anti-Trump protesters in Rockville, Maryland.


A march of students in Rockville, Maryland, protesting the election of Donald Trump to the presidency turned violent on Wednesday morning as a teenager wearing one of the Trump campaigns “Make American Great Again” hats was beaten.

Hundreds of students from Richard Montgomery High School were marching near the Rockville courthouse on Maryland Avenue in a protest that began at about 10 a.m. when a 15-year-old boy wearing one of the Trump campaign’s “Make American Great Again” hats was “beaten down, to be honest,” by about four students.

The student was taken away in an ambulance.


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