Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook: 'We Gotta Zap Lanny [Davis] Out of Our Universe'

Poor Lanny Davis. There is not a more loyal pro-Clinton soldier on the face of the earth, but a new “Podesta email” release reveals that after Davis valiantly attempted to defend Hillary on Fox News in March of 2015 (right after the email scandal broke), Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook wanted to zap him right out of their universe.


The reason Lanny was in the doghouse with the Clinton campaign is because he had just suggested on Fox News Sunday that “there can be a neutral party to review all these records.”

In an email exchange from hacked Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks with the subject line “Lanny Davis,” Mook asked press secretary Nick Merrill, director of communications Jennifer Palmieri, and deputy communications director Kristina Schake “did we figure out what he really said this am?”

Merrill emailed back with a rough transcript from the interview:

“There can be a neutral party to review all these records,” Davis told Fox News’ Chris Wallace. Wallace pressed him on that; “you’d like to have a neutral party?”

Davis responded, “I said there can be.” He went on to say that if the State Department asked, Hillary Clinton would say yes.

A horrified Mook responded, “We gotta zap Lanny out of our universe. Can’t believe he committed her to a private review of her hard drive on TV.”


Lanny Davis Robby Mook email


Here is the interview that so infuriated Mook:


It’s hard to find a more attentive, devout, and obsequious Clinton yes-man than Lanny Davis, the former special counsel to President Bill Clinton.

Don’t believe me? Check out this email between Davis and Clinton that was released by the State Department last year. In the 2010 exchange, Davis prostrates himself before the queen and grovels for a favor.

“[A] personal favor My dear friend Hillary: I hate to email you too much and to ask you for any favors,” Davis writes before proceeding to ask her for a favor. “I feel as if I am taking advantage of a great privilege that you allow me to send you a personal email every so often. But this is a favor that I fully understand for 100 reasons might not be appropriate or comfortable for you to say yes to.”

Davis launches into a long-winded diatribe about an article that is going to be written about his law firm and humbly requests that Clinton say nice things about him—but not before telling her she is nearly as important to him as his own wife.

“Aside from Carolyn, my four children, and my immediate family, I consider you to be the best friend and the best person I have met in my long life,” Davis writes. “You know that from the dedication and appreciation of you I have always felt and expressed to you over four decades. So that is why your comments would mean a lot to me, even if just a written statement.”

It is unclear whether Davis sealed this digital letter with a kiss.

“So my question to you, good friend Hillary, is: Would you be willing to talk personally to the reporter?” he begs, finally.


They threw that poor slob under the bus because, under an intense grilling on Fox News, he agreed that Hillary’s private emails should be reviewed by an independent, neutral party rather than her own henchmen who would go on to have the problematic ones bleachbitted out of existence.



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