The First Head Rolls: Democrat Operative Fired after O'Keefe Video Exposes His Nefarious Deeds

The first head has rolled after James O’Keefe’s explosive undercover video exposed the dark underbelly of the Democrat Party working to elect Hillary Clinton.


While the media vets the “suspicious” video to make sure that it hasn’t been doctored — an extensive process that may take until after election day to complete — maybe they can in the meantime report that one of the key players exposed by O’Keefe has already lost his job.

Scott Foval, the National Field Director of Americans United for Change–who can be seen in the video bragging about paying homeless and mentally ill individuals to cause disruptions at political events–has been fired from the organization.

“Americans United for Change has always operated according to the highest ethical standards,” said Brad Woodhouse, President of Americans United For Change. “Scott Foval is no longer associated with Americans United for Change.”

Foval became persona non grata after he allowed himself to be videotaped exposing how his sinister activities were connected directly to the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

“I am contracted to [Robert Creamer] but I answer to the head of special events for the DNC and the head of special events and political for the campaign. Through Bob. We have certain people who do not get to talk to them, at all,” he said.


O’Keefe told Breitbart News: “They want to make Scott Foval the fall guy. But this rot goes higher and deeper. This was a conspiracy to create a narrative that Trump supporters were dangerous and out of control. This scheme was created and approved at the highest levels of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.”

O’Keefe on Twitter had a message for Fox News’ Brit Hume and the rest of the mainstream media:



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