Creepy Clown Tries to Snatch Baby From Mother's Arms

Moms and dads might want to hold on to their young-uns a little tighter this month while out in public — at least until the creepy clown epidemic subsides. Because the creep factor on this story is off the charts, and no one is laughing. 


Via KRON 4:

A Bay Area mother witnessed a man in a clown suit attempting to snatch her 1-year-old baby girl at a bus stop in Concord.

On Wednesday afternoon, a mother holding her baby girl walked up to a bus stop where a clown was sitting. The mother, with her baby in her arms, sat down next to the clown at the bus stop.

The clown then started to smile at the mother and her baby. The mother did not think anything of it, other than the man was just being friendly, she told KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun.

The clown then reached out for the baby girl and attempted to grab her as she was in her mother’s arms.

The mother did what any good mom would do: she quickly pulled her baby back and kicked the clown hard with her boots. She then dialed 911 while the clown fled on foot.

Most of the clown incidents we’re seeing across the country right now involve pranksters — usually teenagers — dressing up as clowns just to scare people.  They’re also falsely reporting creepy clown threats to get out of school. In some cases, however, mentally unstable and/or criminally inclined folks are latching on to the creepy clown craze and taking it way, way too far.


But whatever the case, professional clowns are not amused.

“You’re ruining my job and other actors’ [jobs] around the world,” said Snuggles the Clown of Screamland Farms in a recent interview.  Although he’s a friendly clown, Snuggles says he’s now “profiled” wherever he goes and people call the cops on him for no reason other than the way he looks.

A group of like-minded clowns have started a “Clown Lives Matter” movement and plan to hold a rally in Tucson, Arizona, on October 15 to raise awareness about their plight.



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