Man Blasts Armed Carjackers in the Face With Pressure Washer

A Louisiana man didn’t feel like being a victim last week when two armed thugs tried to steal the car he was washing. Armed with nothing but a pressure washer, he fought off the carjackers and lived to tell the tale. The shocking incident was all caught on his dashcam.


Michael Davis was hosing off his new car at a drive-in car wash in Shreveport last Wednesday morning, when he saw a man approaching. Thinking he was a panhandler, Davis told the man he didn’t have any money. That’s when his morning took a definite turn for the worse. When he turned around, another man was standing before him pointing a gun in his face.

“He said, ‘Give me your keys and your money,’ and I said, ‘What’d you say?’ And I took the sprayer and just sprayed it right in his face,” Davis told KSLA-TV. “I heard his friend try to run and get my backside so I turned around and sprayed him and hit him and they took off running. The whole situation to me was almost surreal.”

Not only did Davis blast both guys in the face with the H2O, he smacked the second guy in the back with the sprayer as he was running away. And he did it all with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.


He said he was worried about what would happen if he allowed himself to become a victim because his disabled brother was sitting in the passenger seat.

“I wasn’t gonna give up my car or my money to some little thug like that. There was just no way,” Davis said. “If they would’ve taken my keys and my money, they probably would have shot me anyway, plus I had my disabled veteran brother in the car, they could’ve done something to him as well,” he added.

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The two suspects, who were wearing masks, have not yet been caught.


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