Report: ISIS Terrorists Planning Summer Attacks on European Tourist Beaches

A new report this week in the German media suggests that Islamic State terrorists are planning attacks against tourists at beach resorts across Europe this summer “by posing as drink vendors and placing bombs under sunbeds.”


The terrorists also plan on detonating suicide bombs and gunning down tourists with automatic rifles, Italian security sources told German newspaper Bild.

Via Fox News:

“They want to strike Italian, French and Spanish beaches,” Seck Pouy, a police chief from Senegal, said. “They will exploit certain radicalized vendors who travel regularly between Italy and Senegal.”

The Italian Interior Minister has denied the reports and claims Italy’s beaches are safe for citizens and tourists.

But a senior German security source insists, “holiday beaches cannot be protected,” Bild adds.

Last June, a beach resort in Tunisia saw 38 people — including 30 British citizens — gunned down by ISIS terrorists.



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