Trump Supporters Post CO GOP Chair's Phone Number with Predictable Results

Trump supporters have been posting the home addresses of Colorado GOP officials on pro-Trump websites, Facebook, and Twitter, and now at least one official is dealing with thousands of harassing phone calls.


The chairman of the Colorado GOP reported on Facebook that he has received 3,000 phone calls “with many being the trashiest stuff you can imagine”  from Trump supporters.

This happened a mere hours after his personal information (along with the information of several other officials) was posted online:



That tweet has now been reposted over a thousand times on Twitter alone. House wrote about the resulting threatening phone calls on Facebook.


steve-house-death-threats-620x474 (1)

This comes after Donald Trump and his campaign bitterly complained that the system “was rigged” and that Cruz used “Gestapo tactics” to win the state’s delegates. It also comes after former Trump advisor Roger Stone threatened to disclose the hotels and the room numbers of delegates at the Republican National Convention this July. The truth is, The Donald lost because he had a weak ground game in Colorado, and if anyone is using “Gestapo tactics,” it’s the Trumpets who are threatening and harassing innocent Coloradans.

It is exactly the sort of political thuggery the left is known for, and a decent, respectable GOP campaign would disassociate itself from it. But then, this is the Trump campaign we’re talking about.



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