WATCH Carly Fiorina Blast Hillary Clinton's Extremism on Abortion

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina managed to turn the tables on a media “gotcha question” by pointing out that Hillary Clinton’s position on abortion is way outside the mainstream.


Tapper brought up a Clinton tweet assailing Governor Scott Walker for signing into law “dangerous new abortion restrictions” in Wisconsin. The law prohibits non-emergency abortions after twenty weeks without exceptions for rape or incest. Hillary called that “extreme and unacceptable.”

“What’s your position on this legislation that does not allow exceptions for rape and incest?” Tapper asked.

Fiorina began by referencing the legislation that is on the U.S. Senate floor which does have exceptions for rape and incest, but Tapper wanted to get her on the record regarding the Wisconsin law, so he tried to interrupt. Fiorina was having none of it.

“Let’s also talk about Hillary Clinton’s position,” she continued. “Let’s talk about what ‘extreme’ is. It’s not a life until it leaves the hospital. That’s Hillary Clinton’s position. It’s Hillary Clinton’s position that a 13-year-old girl needs her mother’s permission to go to a tanning salon or get a tattoo, but not to get an abortion. It’s Hillary Clinton’s position that women should not be permitted to see an ultrasound before an abortion and yet people trying to harvest body parts can use ultrasound to make sure that those body parts are preserved so they can be sold. That, Jake, is extreme.”

Tapper again asked his question about exceptions for rape and incest — but he wasn’t dealing with Todd Akin here.

“I would really be delighted if for once, the media would ask Hillary Clinton about the extremism of her position,” Fiorina scolded. “It’s not a life until it leaves the hospital.”


She added: “My position has been very clear and consistent ever since I ran for the Senate in 2010. Anyone can look it up. Yes, I support exceptions. But the majority of the American people now believe that abortion for any reason at all to be paid for by tax-payers after 5 months is an abomination. And this videotape — whether you’re a pro-choice woman or a pro-life woman — this videotape is depraved.”

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Video via the Washington Free Beacon:

Fiorina called for the federal government to defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of a second hidden camera video that was released Tuesday.

Fiorina quickly unveiled a video of herself alongside leaders from the Susan B. Anthony List, theIssues4Life Foundation, and other pro-life groups during which she decries the “moral depravity” of the federally-funded Planned Parenthood.

“It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re pro-choice or pro-life,” Fiorina says. “Every woman, every man has to look at these videos and think, what has gone wrong in our nation?”


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