Help! The Wife is Trying to Steal My New Awesome iPad Case!

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I have not yet figured out all the uses for that the sturdy handle permits. But it seems to have a lot of potential…


April did eventually put on enough of her cute faces to inspire me to turn over the iPad case to her. But then a day later, to my complete shock, she gave it back to me. Why? Not because there was anything wrong with the case — she really liked how much better it was at standing up. She just found the added bulk of the case too strange in comparison to what she was used to. Marriage is a wonderful institution. We typically basic males really get to experience the mysteries of the female sex. I completely disagree with her, BTW. The soft cover is infinitely better. But I wasn’t about to protest or try and convince her otherwise.


Disclosure: Snugg provided a complimentary case for this review.

But if I didn’t like it wouldn’t recommend it as vastly superior to the flimsy standard Amazon case which had started failing for us with overuse. Pick one up — holding an iPad by a leather casing around the edges is so much more comfortable. There are also multiple pockets on the inside and the speaker bounces off the inside of the case to sound much better.


Perfect for my new ballpoint pen! Yes, a new hobby that I’ve picked up after two years of listening to Dennis Prager rave regularly. This one is a Zebra V-301 which I imagine is pretty basic and boring since I picked it up on a whim at Walgreen’s. But I intend for more pen reviews and other product reviews at PJ Lifestyle soon.


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