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About Us

We know you’re busy. We also know that you want to live your life to the fullest. At PJ Lifestyle we provide engaging ideas and information that will enrich your life. We do this with four kinds of content:

Areas of Focus

We try and blog on seven general subjects each week from a variety of perspectives that do not always agree. The topics include:


On Mondays, you can read up on parenting, marriage, interpersonal relationships, dating and romance, motherhood and fatherhood, male/female relations and more.


Every Tuesday, we post career advice, self-improvement tips, product reviews, and how-to guides as well as blogs on entrepreneurship, disaster preparation, gardening, and self-sufficiency.


The middle of the week requires some laughter. That’s why every Wednesday we’ll have humorous pieces featuring satire, viral videos, goofy images and amusing photoshops, cute animals, slideshow galleries and other memes from across the Web.


On Thursday, PJ Lifestyle is your go-to place for the latest info on pop culture – ranging from movies, TV, novels, music and celebrities – as well as posts about other cultures – like military culture, counterculture, California culture, traditional culture, international culture, odd subcultures, geek culture – and more.


End the workweek with some brain food. On Fridays, we’ll have posts on science, technology, the future, history, philosophy, and the natural and animal world.


Spend Saturdays finding new recipes and cooking tips, learning about new ways to exercise and stay healthy, reading medical stories, and keeping up with sports and outdoor life.


And on Sundays, you’ll find content featuring interfaith dialogue, religion-based commentary, and posts on spirituality, ethics and morality.

Voices of PJ Lifestyle

A wide variety of voices contribute to PJ Lifestyle. Here’s a rundown of our regular contributors and their areas of focus. We’re adding to the list regularly, so check back often.

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