'Grow A Pair': Piers Morgan's Bully Taunt of Choice For Ben Shapiro

“Grow a pair.”

We really have returned to junior high. Welcome to Barack Obama’s America in 2013.

Somebody ought to write a book about progressive bullying…


Updated: Morgan’s producers attempt to trick Ben Shapiro by setting an ambush:

But when it came time to book the show, Morgan’s team refused to tell Shapiro what the format of the show would be. When Shapiro said that he expected balance — a second one-on-one interview with Morgan — Morgan’s producers balked. They did insist strongly, however, that Shapiro appear on the show, where he would be “in for the entire show” and “have a huge part.” When Shapiro again reiterated that balance would be a one-on-one, and asked for more details on what his role would be, Morgan’s producers went silent.

“This is how the left manipulates media situations to ambush conservatives,” Shapiro said. “Piers and I had a good conversation last week about gun control; if he wants a rematch, I’m always game.”


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