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Every blog post is like casting out the fishing line. Most of the time you fling it out there and reel back an empty hook. But sometimes a tasty thought leaps out of the stream back at you.


A great comment From my post yesterday asking, “If Happiness Isn’t the Key to Life Then What Is?”

4. Leatherneck

I was thinking about this subject yesterday, and thinking about current events in the world. It has been reported over 9,000 people have been murdered in Syria by their government, and in Afganistan floods have killed over 20 people.

In 1989 when the plane over Lockerbi, Scotland was blown up, there were body parts that landed on top of houses. I was on active duty then in Scotland about an hour drive north. Any of us can be killed, or murdered today, and it will not be long before we are forgotten.

There is only one thing that matters in this time, and space. Our relationship with that which created us, and died for us. I know a lot of people do not believe in a G-d that created everything, but without it, life has no meaning.

Evolution is a lie to mislead, and those who do not believe in a G-d, or believe they are their own god, will worship the creation in one way, or another. It could be sex, or the land they grow fruit trees on. In any case, we are not just animals that can do whatever feels good as the New Age claims.

We are loved. Just as we may love our children, or dogs. We were loved so much, that which created us lived among us, was perfect, was murdered for our sins, and rose from the dead to hold the keys of heaven, and hell.

What I was told as a child is correct. I have seeked G-d, and G-d has answered. It is my hope others will read this, and seek that which created them. You will never be perfect in this life, but you will find happiness. You will find a meaning to life.


Emphasis added.

And just to throw in a clarifier so as not to sidetrack discussion: The statement “evolution is a lie to mislead” is not a statement to provoke (the very boring) creationists vs Darwinists debate regarding the chemical-biological-spiritual mechanisms through which life came to exist on planet earth. Rather, it’s to reject the conclusion of some evolutionists that human life is equal in value to animal life.



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