What's the Best Way to Fix a Damaged Power Cord?

One of the tasks that’s sat on my to-do list far too long: repairing our old TV. Somehow a heavy object landed on the cord not long after we moved to Los Angeles (more than two years ago!) and it hasn’t turned on since. We had an old back-up that’s served us well enough for our bedroom TV so I haven’t felt motivated to make the effort to try and fix it. But in rearranging the bedroom today it was time to move the now dusty, way-too-heavy old set that I’ve lugged from apartment to apartment since college. So now might as well take the time to cross this off the honey-do list.



Anybody else have any other suggestions on the best way to make the repair? Or is the top YouTube video the best way to go?

I wonder how much Google and YouTube have cut into the appliance repair business… How sweet it is to use the free information floating around online to save money.

PJ Lifestyle’s Megan Fox has written about money saving tips in the past and she’ll have more on the subject in the future:

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