How Stars Create Matter = How Moms Become Millionaires on Shark Tank

Jason Silva presents another in his ongoing series of optimistic, science-futurist viral videos:

“At first there were just two kinds of atoms, helium and hydrogen. Once they clumped into massive stars more became possible. Within the furnaces of big stars the original two elements fused into heavier and heavier elements like carbon, oxygen and the rest of the periodic table.”


On Shark Tank last night a mom-turned entrepreneur realized that if she combined all the accessories needed to apply nail polish into one package she might have a business. The sharks agreed:

In the last pitch of the evening a young husband-wife team — together since seventh grade! — presented a product inspired by their two young daughters. The Lollacup improves the sippy cup by featuring a weighted straw, removable handles, and a cute design:

The universe’s tools for creation are right at our fingertips. This is what the aphorism “Every Man and Every Woman is a Star” means. Anyone can find a few ideas and combine them together in a way that makes life brighter for everyone.


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