Critical Race Theory 101

Heather Mac Donald in interview with Lee Stranahan:

The goal of the law for centuries was to transcend individual particularities and to strive however imperfectly for a universal reason that would apply to all individuals regardless of race and gender and class and that was seen as a good thing… And the critique of the critical race theorist as well as feminist jurisprudence was not only is that ideal impossible but it’s not even really desirable because they see American society as so fundamentally unjust, as so completely biased in favor of white males, that the only proper response is a huge upsurge of emotion and identity and so storytelling is seen as somehow the legitimate reaction to the oppression of reason and the silencing of minority and female voices… There was a professor who was at Harvard for awhile and then ended up at university of Pennsylvania, Regina Austin. She actually argued that blacks in their attempts to destabilize white hegemony should embrace law breaking as a legitimate, radical thrust against white oppression and that sort of petty forms of lawbreaking like hustling, like employees stealing from their employers should be embraced by the white law-abiding middle class as a revolutionary gesture…


Take the time to listen to all 13 minutes.

Here’s how Austin describes the goals of her classes today where she trains legal students to produce propaganda on behalf of “social justice”:

Like Barack Obama and Van Jones, Austin too appears to have discovered the value of foregoing “the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends.”



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