Did Soledad O'Brien Rely On Wikipedia Cliffs Notes When Joel Pollak Confronted Her?

Rebelpundit makes a good case:

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien’s venomously sarcastic interview with Breitbart.com editor-in-chief Joel Pollak culminated with her throwing out her definition of “Critical Race Theory” in the heat of her interview over the Obama/Bell Tapes released last night. Pollak had already requested that O’Brien define the term more than once, and at the 1:45 mark in the video below, she finally does. One problem–O’Brien’s definition appears to be lifted almost word-for-word from a wikipedia page, presumedly hurriedly communicated to Soledad in the midst of her interview.


Kudos to Pollak — this is exactly the way to handle the President’s minions in the mainstream media:


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