David Lynch Disguises an Ad for His New Coffee Company as a HuffPo Blog Post


When I clicked to read a blog post about filmmaker David Lynch’s coffee obsession at Huffington Post the last thing I expected at the end was an advertisement for a new Lynch-branded coffee:


I contacted the company that made it and together we worked on slight variations for a house roast, a decaf, and an espresso blend. This became the David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee. And I really like it very much. My friend who came over today had a decaf cup and said it tasted very good. I now drink about seven large cups per day, and I really look forward to each new cup.

Maybe there’s not an idea in every bean, but for me there are many good ideas hiding in coffee.

I don’t begrudge the need to make some money online — and certainly HuffPo is probably getting a cut of Lynch coffee sales they refer — but come on, the publication owes it to its readers to at least label pieces like this as “advertorials” instead of try and pass them off as legitimate articles. Surely both Lynch and coffee fans — and I’m both — would have still clicked to hear about the Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive director’s new venture.

Anyway, we do still learn some about Lynch’s coffee obsession:


For a long time, outside of diners, I drank a lot of instant coffee and I would drink it from styrofoam cups. For many years, I drank probably 20 cups of instant coffee per day.

Twenty cups!

At the heights of my caffeine addiction I never reached that level of achievement but can still envy those whose nervous systems have the hardiness to endure it. While still appreciating coffee I’ve mostly given it up these days save for the rare Starbucks/Coffee Bean/McDonald’s indulgence of some frozen espresso-mocha concoction that really more resembles a milkshake than Lynch’s hot, bitter cup o’ joe.

Anybody else used to drink a ton of coffee and has now cut back? Any hardcore coffee drinkers at Lynch’s Olympian Consumption level care to share with us the secret to their abilities?


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