Five of the Top Tweets From the GOP Primary Debate

Right Wing News kingpin John Hawkins:

This is a really weaselesque line of attack on Social Security from Mitt that doesn’t play well in a Republican party primary.


Commentary Social Media Butterfly Bethany Murphy:

Romney as attack dog is not fitting to his personality, and it’s not fitting to what people are looking for. Listen to the audience.

Blogging queen Lori Ziganto:

Oh for eff’s sake, Huntsman. A KURT COBAIN reference? Trying to score the key HIPSTER gop demographic? #CNNteaparty

Kevin Eder ponders an imaginary ticket:

That sure would be interesting, wouldn’t it? RT @MeganSmiles: @keder I’d like to see a Perry/Cain ticket

And Ben Shapiro with the last word:

Why is Wolf walking the stage like a beady-eyed villain during the answers? It’s weird.


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