MOTIVE: Sebelius Pitches Obamacare to Latino ... Voter Registration Group

On Friday, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius spoke and took questions on Obamacare in an online forum sponsored by Voto Latino. This group primarily exists for the purpose of encouraging Hispanics to register to vote, but it additionally advocates for leftist causes. From their website:


In 10 years and with your support, we have engaged and developed the leadership skills of Latino Millennials; registered nearly a quarter million voters; rallied for immigration reform; ensured our community got counted in the 2010 Census and enrolled in the new healthcare law; and together, we have fought against laws that would make it harder for Latinos to vote.

By “laws that would make it harder for Latinos to vote,” they are referring to Voter ID laws.

We have previously reported here on various elements of Obamacare that serve no purpose beyond encouraging the registration of likely Democratic voters; Obamacare is deliberately designed to serve this secondary goal. Yet this event with Voto Latino is a new development — the push to use Obamacare as an implement for Democratic Party election victory now is occuring transparently.


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