The Democrat Party Is Not Going Away

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It is common knowledge that the Democrat Party is in serious trouble and looks about to hit the panic button. Both the president and the vice president are polling in freefall. The Afghanistan fiasco is not about to slip under the radar. The vaccine mandates that may be imposed unconstitutionally will issue in a storm of litigation. The Party’s economic policies would supercharge inflation. The southern border is an unprecedented disaster. The world’s most powerful military is going Woke and losing its edge. The factional schism in the party between “moderates” and “incendiaries” has further weakened the Democrats’ legislative and fiscal coherence. Domestic violence has become a modus operandi. The president gives every indication of cognitive dysfunction, of being a political liability and a moral failure, while his VP and probable replacement has the gravity of a ping pong ball and the presence of a gesticulating marionette on fraying strings. 


The signs of a Republican sweep in the 2022 congressional and gubernatorial elections and 2024 presidential election seem highly promising, galvanizing a rebooted Republican Party and the long-suffering heartland. Rick Moran at PJ Media refers to several articles anatomizing a failing president. Steve Turley (Dr. Steve!) waxes positively euphoric over the political demise of Biden and the Democrats. These are only a few of the voices weighing in on the subject of an intellectually destitute and mortally compromised president who appears to be taking his party down with him. 

Too much schadenfreude too early in the game. I don’t believe there is any reason for unalloyed confidence in a political sea-change. The Democrats will not go quietly into that good night. They are resourceful, unscrupulous, and fiercely determined to maintain their power and privilege at any cost. They have a number of tried and tested options at their disposal, including the threat of court-packing, gerrymandering of electoral districts, eliminating the filibuster, endless juridical attack via an army of law firms as in the past, the alliance with Big Tech platforms and a collusive media, and rigging of the electoral machinery. If the Mafia were to rebrand itself as a political party, it would be the Democrats. They can be expected to mobilize and deploy all their resources, however corrupt, however illegitimate, however coercive, to forestall a Republican victory at the polls.


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We should make no mistake about this. The American left is on the march. David Horowitz in Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America is unsparing in his acetylene critique of the American left and the Democrats, a rats’ nest of radicals raised on identity politics and communist dogma and bent on rejecting “the traditional American framework of pluralism, civility, and compromise in favor of a revolutionary agenda…concluding that the social order had to be destroyed.” There is no need, Horowitz points out, to redefine the character and purpose of the nation, as the fanatics, iconoclasts, and insurgents demand. “The Constitution already defines the kind of country we are.” The truth of the matter is that redefining America is what “the radical left and the Democratic Party have been doing for the last fifty years.” And they are doing it today, with a vengeance.

Lee Smith in The Permanent Coup shows how the “party of Obama” was “willing to take desperate measures to destroy Trump and undo the 2016 election” in order to complete “the transformation of America.” The party of Biden will act no differently regardless of its current travails. The Democrats will stop at nothing to demoralize the common people and stage what they hope would be a permanent coup. Smith reveals the almost unfathomable depths of corruption, betrayal, and ruthlessness of the elite political class, government agencies, the bureaucratic juggernaut, the media, the academy, the web of dark money, the judiciary, the Deep State and, of course the over-arching Democrat Party.


The warning was most recently sounded in Mark Levin’s American Marxism, where he writes that “the Democratic Party wants to be the permanent singular party that dominates all control of the state and its bureaucracy.” The “actions and designs” of the Democrat Party, he writes, “are evidence of an autocratic, power-hungry, ideological movement that rejects political and traditional comity and seeks to permanently crush its opposition—and emerge as the sole political and governmental power.” 

This is the agenda and it is indisputable. Now that they appear to be on the defensive, it would be folly to assume that the Democrats would be prepared to concede or falter in their efforts to prevent the return of Trump, that they would be ready to bide their time and wait for the next electoral cycle. The left will simply go into overdrive with every means and tactic at its disposal, no matter how reprehensible. 

In retrospect, it appears that Trump had no clear idea of how deep the Deep State and how fetid and vast the political swamp was. We should not make the same mistake. Neither the Deep State nor the Swamp have gone away and are not about to anytime soon. There is no reason to jubilate and every reason to remain perpetually vigilant. The Republicans must be prepared to go the distance, to use every weapon in their political arsenal, to fight tooth and nail against what is nothing less than a domestic enemy force, a seditious and arguably treasonous cohort of disreputables. The battle lines are drawn. Collaborators must be shamed and rejected outright. Republicans must be ready to cast decorum, civility, conciliation, and Robert’s Rules aside if they are to have any chance of emerging victorious in the coming elections—and, indeed, in preserving the nation.


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As Dinesh S’Souza concludes his United States of Socialism, the left has successfully created two Americas. “We continue to chant that this is one America, although we know in our hearts that this is no longer the case…They want us to submit to them. They want our children. And they want the country…If we don’t fight back, they will turn America into 1984, and we will have no place to run to. What this means is that we have to contest their domination in the media, and academia, and Hollywood.” There can be no relenting. “We don’t move on until we put the perpetrators in handcuffs.”

In a sense, D’Souza is paraphrasing Churchill’s famous “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” speech. The context may be different but the urgency abides. Only the terms have changed. We shall fight in the polling stations, we shall fight in the courts, we shall fight on the Internet and in the debates and interviews, we shall fight going door to door. D’Souza is right. America is at the eleventh hour, fifty-ninth minute.

Full disclosure: I write as a Canadian who knows that his own country is irretrievably lost to the depredations of the omnivore left and who looks to America, or parts of it, as a hope against hope. Canada is gone and the people have approved. It is now a country where there is no need to rig an election to ensure a leftist government. For all our sakes, the true America must find a way to survive and flourish once again. There is no alternative.



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