Vaccine Apartheid: A Wake-Up Call to the Slumbering Public

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Federal employees who do not comply with vaccine mandates “will face consequences,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has warned, exercising political muscle and flagrantly backtracking on his original promise that Canadians could make up their own minds about whether to take the Covid-19 injections. So far, the threat against the unvaccinated has not provoked the depth of backlash we’ve seen in countries such as France and Greece. But the risk of “consequences” applies equally to the public at large, as Dr. Denis Rancourt of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association makes clear in his compelling A Letter to the Vaccinated, following upon his earlier A Letter to the Unvaccinated.


The first letter, reviewed in an earlier article for The Epoch Times, presented a premonitory overview of government COVID policy. The second epistolary foray focuses more closely on the implications of recent stringent vaccine legislation. Rancourt warns against the different set of “consequences” that will arise if one succumbs to the prime minister’s threats. “What are the societal consequences,” he asks, “of being divided along the lines of vaccination status?” Simply put, the sequel would be the country’s descent into a condition of medical and cultural apartheid.

Such an outcome is bathetically ironic given that there is now “mounting evidence worldwide show[ing] that these vaccines cannot stop the transmission of the virus and variants, yet vaccination mandates continue.” Both vaccinated and unvaccinated have “become passengers on the same runaway train.” Given the campaign to mandate ever more boosters and upgrades, applied without the slightest effort at risk stratification analysis, it is clear that today’s “fully vaccinated,” says Rancour, will be regarded as tomorrow’s “insufficiently vaccinated.” Israel’s director of the Ziv Medical Center, Dr. Salman Zarka, confirms: “We are updating what it means to be vaccinated.” In the absence of a third jab (and counting), even the double-vaxxed will fall into the category of “unvaccinated.”  As the latest findings from Israel reveal, mRNA antibodies lose efficiency with each passing day, requiring an ever-increasing supply of booster shots to meet emergent infections. After Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Lambda, and Mu, we seem to be heading inexorably toward the Omega variant.


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Moreover, the social consequences will be devastating as restrictions continue to be piled on so that “independent experts” are being routinely censored, and many people—the unvaccinated—will find it increasingly difficult to “buy food, access banking, vote in person or cross provincial borders.” Even visits to medical facilities may be impacted. In our own province of British Columbia, as of September 13, my wife and I, resolute anti-vaxxers, will be under virtual house arrest, prevented from traveling to other parts of Canada, forbidden to attend a wide range of public activities and venues, including movie theaters, sporting events, gyms, swimming pools, night clubs, concerts, conferences, and university seminars, or to dine in restaurants, though still permitted to walk abroad and to visit the supermarket (masked). How long these few exemptions will last is anybody’s guess. We are now beginning to stockpile supplies to ride out what is eerily coming to resemble a military siege.

“History has taught us,” Rancourt writes, “that one-sided arguments and outlawed dissent are signs of totalitarianism lurking at the doorstep. Soon, asking questions will make you an enemy of the State. Mandating vaccines is a breaking point.” We would be well on the way toward the establishment of the Great Reset. The current repressive restrictions and ordinances are very likely harbingers of more to come. The democratic consensus we once took for granted has been critically wounded.

The OCLA’s open letters are wake-up calls to a largely slumbering public. Rancourt concludes: “We need to stop this medical catastrophe and face the truth: this isn’t about our health; it is about politics and it is about control. The consequences of following Prime Minister Trudeau’s current orders are greater than his threatened consequences.” One thinks of Vancouver architect Graham McGarva, mentioned in a previous article for PJ Media. His Plaza 88 in the suburb of New Westminster features three-foot-high letters reading: “Making Canada a Tented Canopy Set upon a Hill.” The real “consequences” of Trudeau’s policies are obvious to any impartial observer: the tented canopy is now sagging and looks fair on the way to collapse.




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