Being at Home in the Socialist States of America

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Trying to make sense of the tyrannical actions of many blue state public officials, who have allowed radical insurgents, looters and violent thugs to lay waste their cities, may leave an observer in a state of some perplexity. People are being harmed and murdered, property vandalized, areas set ablaze or annexed by gangs of anarchists and hoodlums, and yet these officials seem oblivious to the mayhem or openly support the marauders in their acts of wanton destruction.


How is this possible? Do they not realize they are not only abdicating their legal responsibilities but alienating many of their tax-paying constituents? There can be only two reasons for such civic delinquency.

On the one hand, they must believe they have their citizens with them. Most are Democrat voters, espouse leftist doctrines and “social democratic” policies, and may well accept that America must be remade in the image of a Marxist command economy and single-party rule. Yet many of these people are members of the affluent class, accustomed to their perquisites and comforts, and presumably hostile to the prospect of losing the privileges and opportunities from which they have profited.

They may tire of watching their leaders painting streets instead of governing or removing statues in the dead of night rather than applying the law in the light of day. And having experienced the destruction visited upon their cities, neighborhoods and places of work, and seen barricaded camps of tumult and coercion treated as enclaves of liberty, one would assume they would surely rethink their political convictions, cultural preferences and voting habits. 

Their elected leaders must be aware of this, but remain untroubled, suggesting another possibility that might explain the laissez-faire, pro-violent behavior of these mayors, attorneys-general and state governors. Most do not seem to fear an epidemic backlash since they are largely convinced that Biden is set to triumph at the polls, which would provide them with carte blanche to trample on the Constitution, abolish the Amendments that hamper their activities, and impose something akin to totalitarian rule upon the land. Subsequent elections would become formalities, mere window-dressing. Speech would be even more rigorously policed than it is at present, and what we quaintly call “political correctness” will morph into totalitarian thought control. 


But in the unlikely event of a Trump victory, they will ignite a revolution in the streets, cities and legislatures of the nation, finally impeaching the president after years of trying and unleashing a reign of terror which would make the attempted coup of the last four years seem mild by comparison. In an article for American Thinker, Diana Sitek notes that “the mob may now constitute over 50% of the population, and no matter what the outcome of the coming election is, they won’t step down. If anything, another defeat will exacerbate their ire.” 

In other words, blue state officials feel they have nothing to fear in pursuing their lawless activities. They enjoy the complicity of their allies in the Democratic Party and the, so to speak, Republican rump, the Deep State operatives, the heavily indebted, woefully miseducated and unemployable millennials, the radical feminists, Antifa, BLM and the assorted parasitic rabble who also feel they have nothing to fear.

Might there be a fly in the Democratic ointment? Tucker Carlson calls the rioters “Biden voters”—an expression that seems to be catching on and may not bode well for the Left. As Thomas Lifson at American Thinker reports, “some Democrats are openly expressing their fear that the rioters are helping Trump,” concluding that the Democrats “are riding a tiger. If they attempt to dismount, they will be eaten by the tiger.” Perhaps the strategy of colluding with the violence-prone “protesters” may backfire; nonetheless, the majority of Democrat operatives seem to be in it for the long haul.  


And why not? Democrat officials from local to state survey the national scene and see sports teams changing their names to appear inoffensive; people lobbying to replace the national anthem; Hollywood celebrating its anti-Americanism with slanted, godawful movies; wealthy corporations subsidizing domestic terrorists; outright traitors to the flag sitting in Congress; generals embarrassing their President; police chiefs kneeling before the mobs and religious leaders washing the feet of those who would depose them; public schools and universities churning out hordes of Leftist hoplites; and the mainstream media and big digital platforms practicing censorship, swaying elections and promoting insurrection.

In brief, what these so-called public representatives observe is a country submitting to the lure of Cultural Marxism, which views the world in terms of interest groups, power relationships, systemic oppression and endemic inequality, victim categories and identity politics, with socialists as the great healers and redeemers. From the perspective of the commissars, what’s not to like? 

Add to this political scenario the Leftist COVID-mongers who, as Angelo Codevilla shows beyond the slightest doubt, are engaged in the usurpation of arbitrary political power by stoking public panic, prolonging the lockdowns, constantly “moving the goalposts” even when the famous “curve” has not only flattened but become catenary, and collapsing the nation’s economy in order to unseat President Trump. These blue state authorities and their comrades in a Democrat-controlled Congress are dedicated to establishing the new “new normal,” which is to become the default position of everyday life leading us, as Paul Gottfried writes, into the “new frontiers of madness.”  


In a 1965 radio broadcast titled “If I Were The Devil,” Paul Harvey foresaw the socialist plan to take over America, which was as simple as it was methodical. The devil would begin by subverting the churches and proceed, among other steps, to educate authors to produce lurid literature, lard TV with dubious movies, peddle narcotics, tranquilize the public with pills, corrupt the schools, deify science, take from those who have and give to those who wanted in order to kill incentive, and caution against hard work, patriotism, moral conduct, and marriage. And presto! We find ourselves living in the hell that is socialism.

The devil’s program seems poised to bear fruit. Should this be the case, and I suspect it is, we have a plausible explanation for blue state public figures unafraid to violate their mandate, estrange a portion their voters, and act in full view of the nation like the petty tyrants they always essentially were. They are the purveyors of the new regime of American socialism of which, as Dinesh D’Souza baldly states in his recent The United States of Socialism: “In principle, no less than in practice, socialism is the ideology of thieves and tyrants. As for the people who fall for the temptation, they are connivers attracted by the rip-off scheme.”

These thieves, tyrants, and connivers have every confidence that they will shortly possess full control of their fiefdoms in the newly-formed Socialist States of America. After all, if the plot succeeds, it is soon to be their home.



David Solway’s latest book is Notes from a Derelict Culture, Black House Publishing, 2019, London. A CD of his original songs, Partial to Cain, appeared in 2019.

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