Time to Leave Western Civ Behind: Looking for a Place to Emigrate

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There is no doubt that Western nations are now undergoing a bonanza of massive immigration. Europe’s large and growing Muslim population has gifted the continent and the U.K. with riots, rape fests, car burnings, terror attacks, grooming scandals, no-go zones, hostage takings, and heightened criminal activity. The same scenario is gradually unfolding in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, whose landscapes are variously enlivened with much of the same, including even jihadist training camps. Organizations like CAIR and its offshoots are making substantial inroads into the public square, acquiring positions of authority in government and the professions to the benefit of all.


The surge of “illegal” migrants across America’s southern border threatens to destabilize the economy and dilute the cultural and electoral traditions of the nation. This is a good thing. Canada, too, is experiencing a similar oblation, its southern border having been crossed by brave expeditions of these same “illegals.” I was recently robbed by a couple of these new kids on the block in the parking lot of a local shopping complex—a minor episode resembling a Quaker Oats insert reflecting what is happening to the larger box called a country. But this is only fitting, a form of absolution for my—and our—unconscionable and undeserved privilege.

And of course, we should keep in mind our indigenous populations whose “ways of knowing” are indisputably superior to crass Western materialism and jejune utilitarian preconceptions, who are profoundly in touch with the spirit of the land whose redemptive custodians they are, whose slaughter of the buffalo have cleansed the plains of these horned intruders, who prudently refused to invent the wheel as a bringer of future congestion and pollution, and whose existential innocence and moral virtue have been ruthlessly trampled into the dirt by the bearers of modern civilization.

We are constantly enlightened by the social justice community in our universities and media to the undeniable truth that Western civilization is a feral colonial enterprise, that its free market system is an abomination predicated on the exploitation of the world’s disadvantaged, and that its advances in science, technology, medicine, art, the concept of the individual, political democracy, law and the amenities of everyday life offer little to be proud of.


Notwithstanding, we may wonder why this slough of despond we deplorables inhabit is the obvious goal and destination of a volkswanderung of immigrants, refugees, migrants and “illegals” from countries they apparently cannot wait to leave in their dust, whether in the Middle East, Africa or Central America. Are these poor people deluded? Are they a collection of dedicated masochists? Do they not realize they are entering the Ninth Circle of Hell? But they persist, unfathomably. Or perhaps not. Perhaps they are animated by a higher purpose.

Clearly, Western culture should be sent to the chop shop, dismantled piece by piece, and sold off to the newcomers. They may conceivably reassemble the parts into something far superior than the civilizational vehicle we’ve been driving around in. Indeed, these “parts” may have been theirs in the first place. We have been guilty of so much in the past, of condescension as well as outright plunder. We are obviously morally obligated to cheer them on, to surrender our “white supremacy” in favor of the nobility, wisdom and cultural glory of Third World saviors and aboriginal peoples. Perhaps we should be grateful to our betters for bringing the manifold fruits of their accomplishments to our wide-open doors. Perhaps that is their real agenda, bless their souls.

As a friend now teaching in China writes in a personal communication:

Remember all the wonderful things invented by Black Africans or Muslims or both, and then stolen by whiteys. And don’t forget that indigenous people everywhere, before the ongoing genocide and dispossession, had a deep intimate spiritual knowledge of life, Universe and everything, far more evolved than our pitiful 300-yr-old settler-colonial narrative of “science.” They have known about dark matter in the sky for 50,000 years, while white people are only starting to discover it now with our telescopes, as the Dean of Research of my ex university once told us. As for music, as another SJW academic once told me, the genius of the Aboriginal artists is that every didgeridoo is unique, has a different sound from every other, unlike our boring Western instruments that all sound the same.


Too true, too true. That aboriginal artists lacked the resources of mass production to make their instruments available to all is not an argument to be taken seriously.

There are many unsuspected facts we will now have to accept. Socrates was black. Jesus was a Palestinian. The Library of Alexandria didn’t really burn to the ground before Aristotle’s purported visit. The Muslim caliphates did not, as we have been misled to believe, rely on Syriac and Jewish scholiasts for their epistemological talents. Christopher Columbus was a heartless marauder—and, besides, he was after the fact since African sailors had visited these shores thousands of years earlier, as Leo Weiner reveals in Africa and the Discovery of America.

Who can forget Martin Bernal’s Black Athena: The Afroasiactic Roots of Classical Civilization, which showed beyond the shadow of a doubt that Greek culture—the source of Western reason—derived largely from Egypt, a black nation as we are informed, and that Greek philosophy was the child of African parentage. Western civilization was, in the words of George James, a Stolen Legacy. Edward Said’s universally influential Orientalism, we recall, also deflated Western pretensions of cultural and intellectual supremacy to the advantage of Arab and Middle Eastern unacknowledged greatness. Mary Lefkowitz, author of Not Out Of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became An Excuse To Teach Myth As History, has endured much opprobrium. As she points out in her subsequent History Lesson: A Race Odyssey, she was called, among other things, an “obscure drudge in the academic backwaters of a classics department.” These are the words of Penn State “new historian” Wilson Moses. Should he not be believed?


As for, in no particular order, Pythagoras, Hypatia, Heraclitus, Plato, Aristotle, Thucydides, Herodotus, Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas, Maimonides, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian, Giotto, Bernini, Thomas More, Isaac Newton, Adam Smith, Rembrandt, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Joseph Salk, Alexander Fleming, Marie Curie, Johannes Gutenberg, Robert Boyle, Gottfried Leibniz, Michael Faraday, Alan Turing, Nikolaus Otto, the Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart,  Charles Babbage, Alexander Bain, Giovanni Caselli, Erwin Schrödinger, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Georg Cantor, Werner Heisenberg, Immanuel Kant, David Hume, Shakespeare, Homer, Dante, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, John Milton, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, William Wordsworth, William Wilberforce, Frank Lloyd Wright, Guglielmo Marconi, Alexander Graham Bell, James Cook, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Max Planck, Selman Waksman, Paul Dirac, Francis Crick, James Watson, Frederick Banting, Charles Best, Winston Churchill, John Gielgud, Lawrence Olivier, Alfred North Whitehead, John von Neumann, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, Alain Aspect, Murray Gel-Mann, Robert Frost, Yehuda Amichai, Richard Feynman and, yes, even Woody Allen and Donald Trump—the list is endless—all, every one of them, racists, bigots and white supremacists who opened a Pandora’s Box of incurable ills.


The fact that America and Europe have garnered 474 Nobel Prizes in Science while Egypt and Algeria have three between them and the rest of Africa none—is only a sign of Western decadence and the obvious fact that Third World countries have been savagely kept down by the Western conquistador onslaught responsible for stealing the discoveries and inventions of the now benighted continent. The United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) tells the same story, ranking 185 nations along the spectrum of Very High, High, Medium and Low. Of the 51 nations in the Very High category, 80% are white; no African nation is in that category; indeed, 87% fester in the Low bracket. Once again, the responsibility incontrovertibly lies with the Western spirit of pillage and destruction, which has robbed these nations of the fruits of their cutting-edge thinking and contributions to human betterment and expropriated these for its own purposes.

But there is a serious problem. In our ineptness, arrogance and bad faith, we have produced a curatorial wasteland of stolen goods. The welcome our apologetic elites have accorded the newcomers may likely have come too late. The rot may have gone so deep that even our Third World and Stone Age redeemers may not be able to repair the damage and misery we have caused in giving the planet a presumed new lease on political, economic, agricultural, jurisprudential, scientific, technological, quotidian, intellectual and spiritual life. The donatives of massive foreign aid and increased life expectancy are deceptive gratuities and provide no consolation or acquittal. Making life less nasty, brutal and short is obviously a conspiracy intended to further our interests.


For who can deny that we have profited from both our ethical turpitude and systemic mismanagement? Who can deny that we have squandered our powers and endowments and befouled everything we have touched, creating a hell where once there was a heaven? Who can deny that we have abused the sage and the blameless and defrauded the inventive genius of our pristine superiors? Who can deny that we deserve to be distrained and replaced?

I for one am heartily sick of the sordid project of Western civilization and am desperately seeking a place where I can emigrate.


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