#OscarsSoWhite Crisis Averted: Record Number of Black Actors Nominated

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has learned its lesson after last year’s drubbing by social justice warriors. From Variety:

After last year’s nominations spawned #OscarsSoWhite, all eyes were on the Academy Award nominations Tuesday – and in stark contrast to 2016, this year proved to be a much stronger year for diversity, both in front of and behind the camera.

While no actors of color were nominated the last two years, this year saw every acting category recognizing a person of color. A record-tying (with 2007) seven minority actors were recognized, including a record-setting six black actors.

The quality of nominated work is not addressed by the article. That is because #OscarsSoWhite — like so much racial rhetoric — has nothing whatsoever to do with merit.

Is it possible that more blacks were nominated this year than any prior because more of them turned in excellent work? Or are we to believe that laudable performances in prior years went unrecognized due to racism?

It’s hard to buy into the latter, because nowhere in all the #OscarsSoWhite belly-aching was any argument for recognizing specific work. The case was not made that certain performances by black artists deserved greater consideration. Rather, critics of the Academy argued that more blacks should be nominated simply to have more blacks be nominated. That motive, in and of itself, proves immensely racist.