Dan Rather to Host 'Trump Nation' Documentary for Mark Cuban

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Hitting right before the election, a documentary examining Trump supporters will air November 1 on Mark Cuban’s AXS-TV. From Deadline:

Citing the record number of viewers who tuned in for this election cycle’s three presidential debates, Cuban said the prospect of a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has gotten an unprecedented number of people talking about “the future of this country.”  The AXS TV CEO became part of the election cycle storyline when he twice was among Hillary Clinton’s VIP guests at presidential debates and, the Wednesday before Debate 3, told CNN’s Don Lemon he knew of two more women who claimed to have been treated inappropriately by the GOP candidate.

Rather interviews pundits and attends Trump rallies in America Divided[: The Rise Of Trump Nation], which premieres Tuesday, November 1, at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT. Rather addresses the country’s current racial climate; the ‘nostalgia syndrome’ of desiring a return to a simpler time “that may have never actually existed”; and the anxiety voters feel about the consequences should their candidate lose, AXS said in the announcement.

We can expect to see Trump supporters regarded as if they are wild gazelles in a National Geographic special. Who are these people? How do they behave in the wild? Can their numbers be managed?

No such documentary will probe the motives of Hillary supporters, mostly because the kinds of people who make these things are Hillary supporters. They have no need to explore that which they already understand.