Back to the Future's DeLorean Going Back Into Production

The story of the DeLorean proves as intriguing as any Hollywood drama. In the early 1980s, the DeLorean Motor Company produced roughly 9,000 of the only model to ever bear their name. Had that been the end of that, the name DeLorean probably would have faded into obscurity. But as fate would have it, the car was featured in the Back to the Future series of films as a mobile time machine. Its unique appearance made it instantly iconic, and cemented its role as more than a prop. The DeLorean became a character in its own right.

Now, thirty years after Back to the Future first appeared in theaters, a passionate group of fans has relaunched the DeLorean Motor Company and pledged to produce 300 more of the vehicles utilizing parts left over from the original operation. IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey expounds below: