Captain America: Civil War Trailer Dials Up the Hype

Out of the clear blue sky drops the first official trailer for next year’s Captain America: Civil War. The film will be the third installment in the character’s stand-alone series, launching Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Some had wondered just how much “war” would be in Civil War given that heroes will be battling heroes. How contentious can things actually get between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark?

The answer, it seems, is pretty damn serious. When Cap and Falcon finally catch up with Bucky Barnes following the events of The Winter Solider, it coincides with a political movement to rein in super-powered vigilantes. No doubt harboring guilt for his role in the creation of Ultron, Tony Stark sides with the government against Rogers and Barnes.

The deeper motivations remain veiled for now. But if the tidbits of action and dialog presented here are any indication, the events of Civil War will leave faces bruised and relationships scarred.