Amy Schumer and Mindy Kaling, Each with Own Show, Lament Hollywood Treatment of Women

There’s a point at which social activism becomes redundant. Basis for grievance can abate to a point beyond which further protest seems petty.

Recognizing that point may not be an exact science. However, as you watch Mindy Kaling rattle on about her treatment by Hollywood in the above American Express ad, or chuckle at Amy Schumer’s portrayal of twelve angry men deliberating whether she’s hot enough to have her own TV show, eventually it hits you. These girls are chiming in a bit late.

Each is on TV. Each woman stars in her own show. Each woman writes her own material. Each woman lives her life more or less according to her own judgment. No one is holding either of them down.

Below video NSFW:

So, what are they protesting again?

Variety calls Schumer a “genius” for infusing feminist themes into her comedy sketch show. Editor-in-chief Andrew Wallenstein compares her to Dave Chappelle.

They both made their mark with very socially relevant humor, but while Chappelle explored race in America, it’s gender issues Schumer is mining just as brilliantly.

Ultimately, hilarious and successful as Chappelle proved, his insistence upon rending robes in racial grievance imploded his career. No one told Chappelle he couldn’t continue because he was black. Rather, Chappelle started to take himself too seriously and began to strangely resent the success he had earned.

Personally, I think Schumer is smarter than Chappelle. I think, while she no doubt cares about the way women are treated in the media, she writes more to express the comedy of her experience than to wring hands over it.