Will We Ever See Robin in Another Batman Film?

It can be difficult to recall, particularly for those under the age of 30. But there was a time when mention of Batman evoked more laughs than reverence or awe, a time when the dominant cultural touchstone for the character was the 1960’s television show featuring Adam West as The Caped Crusader.

In those days, Batman came in a package deal with his teenage sidekick Robin. It was only after Frank Miller re-imagined the character as The Dark Knight, and after Tim Burton delivered his brooding and bloodied version to the big screen, that Robin was left by the wayside. The Boy Wonder’s popularity wasn’t bolstered by his subsequent appearances in the Joel Schumacher directed sequels Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

That said, could Robin work in a modern Batman film? AMC Movie News editor-in-chief John Campea offers insights in the clip above. In short, it could be done, but not without significant revisions to the classic portrayal of the character. You can’t have a grown man dragging a teenage kid into mortal danger. But you could have a variation on the relationship that fits with the gritty new DC Cinematic Universe.