Watch Why People Are 'Fleeing California' – It Ain't Pretty

Watch Why People Are 'Fleeing California' – It Ain't Pretty

Yes, those lumps of clothes really are people sleeping on the streets. Cable car rides are often ruined by the unmistakable whiff of sun-soaked urine. Small business owners – which employ 40% of the workforce – are held down by masochistic regulators. And people are getting the hell out of California.


They’re fleeing. A new Prager University video called “Fleeing California”  – which will probably be censored by one of the tech giants in 3…2…1 –  highlights the lowlights of California and explains why so many are heading for Texas.

Besides pointing out that California’s Leftist ‘progressive’ politics have created this current quality-of-life calamity, the educational nonprofit, headed by radio host and public intellectual Dennis Prager, points out a litany of reasons why middle-class Americans, fledgling business owners, and others simply can’t make a go of it in the Golden State.

  • Roughly 30% of all people on public assistance are in the state of California.
  • About 20% are below the poverty line.
  • To get a median priced apartment a person/s would have to make $48 an hour.
  • The state is home to now up to 49% of the nation’s homeless.
  • Regulator compliance costs $135,000 per business at the cost of 3.8 million jobs.

Those are the low-lights. The good news is that people are seeking freedom, according to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is interviewed in the 14-minute video.

The problem for the people currently living in Texas and Tennessee, another hot spot for fleeing Californians, is that they’ll bring their Golden State sensibilities with them. Then where will people flee?

Watch the promo for the video:

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