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The Facebook Employee Who Deleted PragerU Videos as 'Hate Speech' Still Hasn't Been Fired

Earlier this month, Facebook deleted two PragerU videos and "shadow banned" their posts, so they reached a grand total of zero of PragerU's 3 million followers. On Friday, PragerU Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Craig Strazzeri told PJ Media exactly what happened. He revealed that, while Facebook apologized for the mistake, they have given the staffer responsible nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

"When pressing them for further answers, it was interesting what we got," Strazzeri told PJ Media. Apparently, users flagged the two videos as "hate speech," sending them to Facebook to review. "Facebook confirmed that it was one employee, one individual, who made the decision that both of the videos were in fact 'hate speech' and violated their guidelines."

When the Facebook employee ruled that the videos were in fact "hate speech," he also put the PragerU administrator "into a feature block." This means that the staffer at PragerU responsible for most Facebook posts "was prohibited from posting on PragerU's behalf."  This means that each of the 20 subsequent PragerU posts did not reach PragerU's audience.

After PJ Media and other outlets reported the story, Facebook apologized. "The videos were restored. They claim that our 20 other posts were unblocked, but they still reached zero of our 3 million followers," Strazzeri noted. "We didn't buy that it was just some simple mistake."

"We asked Facebook, if this really was a mistake, what are you going to do about it?" the CMO recalled.

"They basically said that the one employee — who's still working there — will go through the training on how to interpret the hate speech guidelines and the community guidelines, because he clearly didn't understand them," Strazzeri said, bursting out into sardonic laughter. "He's gonna go through the same training that he already got in the first place, which enabled him to make that decision, which means nothing."

"This leads us to believe even further that Facebook is not too serious about the issue, even now," Strazzeri explained. "There was no recourse for this action. It was a human being who was able to make the decision to pull two videos down and to this day, there's been no serious recourse."

The idea that PragerU would be censored for "hate speech" is indeed laughable. "Any person who watches a video and thinks it's hateful or offensive is not being honest with themselves," Strazzeri quipped. "Some people call us the Boy Scouts of conservatives."