SJWs Can Finally Get REVENGE on Trump Supporters

A new Black Lives Matter white guilt subscription service is also offering a “Revenge Box” for social justice warriors to send to Trump supporters. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, liberals can get revenge on the people who made them cry and walk out of class on November 9.

“The Revenge Box is our current single use box ($50 per box),” the Safety Pin Box website explains. “Send this box to a Trump supporter, bigot, or white supremacist of our [sic] choice.”

Safety Pin Box takes advantage of the trend begun by Birch Box, a subscription service sending women expensive beauty products for a comparatively cheap monthly fee. Birch Box’s success has launched hundreds of different varieties, which can be found on sites like CrateJoy. Some, like Kitchen Table Passport, send subscribers recipes, fun facts, and mementos from different countries around the world, while others send products for men.

Most subscription services also have the option to send one box as a taste of the long-term service. The Revenge Box is Safety Pin Box’s version this.

Safety Pin Box is a subscription service for white guilt — it sends subscribers suggestions on how to help the Black Lives Matter movement. It also donates money to black women in the “Black liberation” movement.

What comes in the Revenge Box? A paper “stating that a donation to an important cause has been [made] in their name.” The box suggests recipients “see what their donation helps support,” pointing them to a website about the Black Lives Matter movement and “stories of Black excellence.”

The Safety Pin Box founders described the subscription fees as “a form of reparations.” While donations will be made in the name of recipients, the money still comes from social justice warriors or other liberals willing to support the cause.