Uh Oh: Glee Actor on Short List to Replace Harrison Ford as 'Young Han Solo'

A short list for actors to play a young Han Solo was released Monday. Variety’s Justin Kroll reported that Disney and Lucasfilm have narrowed the list to a dozen finalists.

Few actors could fill the shoes of our favorite “scruffy-looking nerf-herder” Harrison Ford. Disney made a killing with “Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” and has a long list of films to come afterward. “Star Wars” fans get to enjoy “Rogue One” later this year and “Episode VIII” next year, but then we’ll get a real treat—a film detailing the backstory of Han Solo.

For that origin movie, Disney and Lucasfilm seem to be targeting a younger audience. The short list includes Ansel Elgort, best known for “The Fault in Our Stars,” and the “Divergent” series, “21 Jump Street” actor Dave Franco, Blake Jenner from “Glee,” Logan Lerman from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” and Jack Reynor from “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

Miles Teller, best known for “Whiplash,” Scott Eastwood from “Gran Torino,” and “Brooklyn” actor Emory Cohen fill out Variety’s list.

While it is far too soon to say anything definitive about a film to be released in 2018, this list hints that Disney is going for the demographic it knows best—teens and young adults.