Spike TV's Twitter Account Made Channel's Name Change Hilarious

When I first discovered Spike TV, I loved it. For once, there was a channel focused on men that was more than just sports. Spike evolved through the years, but they always seemed to be a channel that didn’t take itself too seriously.

Last year, when it was announced that the channel would be renamed the Paramount Network, I couldn’t help but wonder if the channel would lose a little something. As the change is taking place this week, it was time to transition to the new branding, and that included social media accounts. Well, whoever handled Spike’s deserves a pay raise.

Of course, that thread wasn’t the end of it either. Not by a longshot.

It seems like there was a whole lot of creativity at work there, and it’s a shame to let it all go.

Luckily, it seems that the Paramount Network isn’t without a sense of humor either.

While it’s clear that it was all staged for laughs, that doesn’t mean other folks didn’t decide to get into the mix.

Just imagine what would have happened without social media. The name would have changed on the channel and we probably wouldn’t have even noticed — and it wouldn’t have even been a thing.

Now we can at least be entertained not just by the shows on the channel, but the whole process.

Welcome to the 21st Century!