Netflix Rolls Out Downloading for Offline Viewing

Variety is the spice of…well, you know..

Netflix said Wednesday that its subscribers worldwide will now have access to a much-requested new feature, downloading content for offline viewing.

The feature, which will be offered as a alternative to streaming content using an internet connection, comes at no extra cost.

“While many members enjoy watching Netflix at home, we’ve often heard they also want to continue their Stranger Things binge while on airplanes and other places where internet is expensive or limited,” Eddy Wu, director of product innovation said in a blog post. “Just click the download button on the details page for a film or TV series and you can watch it later without an internet connection.”

Offline viewing will not be immediately available for all programs. Netflix says the feature is already enabled for Orange Is the New Black, Narcos and The Crown, with more movies and series on the way.

The feature is included in all plans and available for phones and tablets on Android and iOS.

Amazon began offering downloads last year, so now the Netflix-only crowd can join in the fun. Those of us who use both streaming services are now covered in any sort of situation we may need a lively distraction from. Anything that provides travel entertainment or enhances the mobile experience is welcomed with loud cheers around here.

This is another smart way for Netflix to promote its original content. They can make their own stuff immediately available for download, thereby making it even more accessible and more likely to be viewed.

The value of this service for people waiting in DMV lines is obviously immeasurable.