Hillary's 'Kimmel' Appearance Beaten in Ratings by 'Teen Mom' and 'Friends' Reruns


The Democratic presidential nominee’s Monday night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” registered just a 0.4 rating in the key 18-49 demographic advertisers covet most.

In comparison, NBC’s “Late Night” with Seth Meyers tied it in the ratings, despite starting an hour later. Monday’s “Late Night” guests were Henry Winkler of “Happy Days” fame and actress Grace Gummer.

Kimmel’s 0.4 rating with Clinton lost to a Nick At Nite rerun of “Friends” — a program that went off the air more than a decade ago — and “Teen Mom Season 6” on MTV.

Republican nominee Donald Trump’s last appearance on Kimmel on May 25 registered an 0.6 rating — 33 percent higher than Clinton’s.

During the 2012 election, President Obama kept mostly to the late-night circuit for television appearances and that worked out pretty well for him.

Hillary Clinton is no Barack Obama, however. This woman has been reintroducing herself to the voting public ad nauseam in an effort to find a version of her that people like. Were it not for the Democrats’ love of identity politics, she’d be nowhere. People don’t tune in to these manufactured “human” moments of hers out of fear of being blinded by one of her lout Mao jackets or going deaf from her maniacal cackle.

Kimmel also tends to skew towards a younger audience than most late-night shows, and there have been problems all year for Hillary with that demographic: