Dwayne Johnson Now the Highest Paid Actor in the World

From Variety:

Johnson commanded $64.5 million between June 2015 and June 2016, more than doubling his earnings from the previous year and bumping Robert Downey Jr. from the top of the list, where he was perched for three consecutive years. A bulk of Johnson’s earnings come from his roles in the “Fast & Furious” franchise, the disaster movie “San Andreas,” and the HBO series “Ballers,” as well as upfront fees for “Fast 8” and the “Baywatch” movie

Johnson ranked No. 11 last year with around $31 million.

If you have to pick someone likable to root for at the top of the Hollywood Money Mountain, Johnson may be the best choice out there. He was fun to watch when he was just wrestling. His acting career has been a steady path upward because he’s built like a Schwarzenegger-esque action star but can play fun and funny characters too. In an extremely refreshing change of pace for 21st century entertainers, Johnson doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously and is often self-effacing.

He spent a lot of time on social media today thanking everyone who congratulated him, even saying that Robert Downey Jr. would probably be back on top next year. Here is what he tweeted to kick it off and inspire others:

How many mega-stars even know what Waffle House is?