SHOCKER: Woman Decapitated During Sex on Trans-Siberian Railroad Track

I’m not one to judge…

‘The woman was on top of her partner and when she heard an approaching train, she started to stand up,’ said a source. ‘Right then, the speeding train torn her head off.’

The source added: ‘Had she remained in her previous position, she would have stayed alive. The man survived.’

Kidding: I’m totally one to judge.

Even if you’re homeless and forced to have relations in public, a railroad track would seem to present a host of problems, not the least of which would be with comfort. I have never been to Siberia, but from what I’ve heard wilderness space really isn’t difficult to find.

The article did provide a clue and/or tragic epitaph:

Both were drunk at the time.

I sincerely hope this made an impact on those of you who had drunk train track sex plans for the upcoming weekend. If you need pointers on train and track safety, L.A. Metro recently released these helpful videos about avoiding dismemberment.